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Early Years Educators/Coaches

At Soccer Lions, we are interested in people who are interested in the development of the children. Ensuring they have the best start of life and ready for school or for soccer.

Our program has been written to ensure we develop the whole child through speech and language, FUNdamentals of movement and all aspects of the EYFS.

With inspiring people to deliver the only child development soccer program in the world you could make a difference to your communities by becoming a Soccer Lions Early Years Educator.

We will develop the right coaches into Early Years Educators using up to date training programs within the Early Years industry, implementing the latest training methods and equipment developed by Soccer Lions.

How We Work

How we Work

We aim to give EVERY CHILD EVERY CHANCE to have the best start in life.

  • We have set a precedence in the delivery of quality early years and child development setting the highest possible standards for our staff to adhere to.
  • We ensure that we conduct business in an ethical way, from how we work with suppliers to the services we offer to our customers
  • We work with Local Authorities and NHS to ensure all children regardless of socio-economic group will have the opportunity to take part in Soccer Lions at local centre's.
  • We ensure that we will provide the best customer service from the moment you pick up your phone to call us.
  • We will ensure that parents will be a major part of the child’s development from Soccer Lions and in the future.
  • Our recruitment process will ensure we have the best people to develop your little ones soccer skills.

Why Soccer Lions?

Why Choose Soccer Lions?

  1. Business acumen: With 30 years experience in Early Years, over 20 years in soccer / football development and over 30 Business management between the management team you will be in great company to develop your business and make a difference.
  2. Implementation of management systems from Normal Operating Procedures, Sales and marketing strategies, database management structures with continue to evolve with participation from the franchisee’s.
  3. We have been continually successful in funding applications with both the Staffordshire County Council and NHS receiving �£ 100,000+ in funding per annum.
  4. We have registered with the British Franchise Association(BFA) and intend to ensure we follow any guidelines required as a franchisor and for franchisee’s.
  5. Success for you as a franchise is vitally important to us at Soccer Lions and we shall ensure that North Staffordshire is a Flag ship franchise to use as example of success for franchisee’s in the future.
  6. If you want to be a successful business person and make a difference to children’s lives in your community Soccer Lions is the franchise for you. However it is not a easy ride work needs to be put in to be successful so be sure this is what you want to do.
  7. We aim to continually develop the programme to maximise potential sales within your franchise area, to benefit the franchisee as extra income streams and reduce costs for each business.
  8. We believe that the best ideas come from everyone not just from Head Office, so we encourage all franchisee’s to express their opinions and if successful ideas are put in operation franchisee will receive recognition and reward.
  9. The greatest sales team at Soccer Lions is the franchisee and its parents, future sales of franchisee’s that come from existing franchisee’s shall be rewarded financially.
  10. Finally we endeavor to be the best early years child development soccer programme in the world, so if this is of interest to you email  with your cv today.



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