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What to Expect


Soccer Lions classes have been carefully planned and structured to develop children’s communication, speech, language, confidence, self-esteem and physical skills of agility, balance and co-ordination. Ensuring a fun filled activity with family learning being the focal point of all sessions.

The classes are planned around each one of the six stages of development with a total of 15 certificates to be obtained by both child and parent throughout their years at Soccer Lions. We aim to support the parent’s knowledge and skills to ensure their child develops to be school ready in the years ahead.

Within the Soccer Lions sessions you will experience, fun themes, games and activities using a range of equipment and routines to allow each parent and child the opportunity to learn and enjoy through the medium of football / soccer.

Soccer Lions has been produced by mapping the programme with the Early Years Foundations Stage, and ensuring that children comfortably achieve their 2nd and 3rd year checks with flying colours.

Many areas of development are covered such as colours, shapes, numbers, phonics and physical movement. Children will get to use a Soccer Lions Football and a minimum of 3 – 4 pieces of equipment each week as part of the sessions.

Luis the Lion may be present in Soccer Lions sessions from time to time and is always ready to help any shy little ones to show their full potential. Luis has hundreds of songs to choose from, some familiar and others unique to Soccer Lions.

Our experienced and qualified instructors manage all classes in a friendly and open manner to ensure both you and your child have a wonderful and engaging experience in a safe and secure environment.


What To Expect

Fun, Physical, Musical, Parental participation, Educational are just the beginning.

The session

Each session throughout Soccer Lions, from stage 1 to stage 6 follows the same structure to ensure consistency for both the child and parent.

Circle time

We begin our sessions with circle time on the floor and all parents and children (well most of the children) sit in a circle and each child / parent introduces themselves to the group.

Warm Up

The warm up is a slow paced physical activity that gradually increases in intensity warming the children’s bodies safely ready for the activities. We encourage the children to understand how the body changes by feeling increased heart rate and body temperature.


Use a range of equipment, skills and games to deliver the core focus of Soccer Lions sessions.

Cool Down

Cool down is a fast paced physical activity gradually decreasing in intensity cooling the children’s bodies safely. We encourage the children to understand how the body changes by feeling decreased heart rate and body temperature and some basic relaxation and stretches.

Class sizes

Classes have a maximum of 1 instructor to 12 children with their parent/guardian to ensure all have a fantastic experience and the child’s progression is encouraged weekly.


As children progress through the programme you will see how the early stages (1-3) support the child’s physical, social & emotional, and speech and language development to ensure the child’s foundations are in place to successfully develop the child’s soccer skills while progressing through stages (4-6).

Parents / guardians

Parents and Guardians are the most important coach for all children attending Soccer Lions.

The Soccer Lions programme encourages the use of Praise and Reward in sessions and at home. Your child will be looking for your encouragement during the sessions and following your lead to join in and have fun.

Please be patient as every child develops at different levels and speeds. Some children may not be able to concentrate for the full session, which Soccer Lions instructors fully understand. It may take your child a few sessions to feel comfortable but as soon as they do they will soon be burning up the sports hall floor!


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Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Click on the names below to find out more about each individual person's experience and enthusiasm. Each person brings their individual personality and spirit to Soccer Lions North Leicestershire and ensure we make your participation at Soccer lions successful and a happy experience.


Name Position
Graham Spencer Coach/Director
Rebecca Spencer Coach/Director
Ellie Spencer Administration
Tor Newberry Coach
Grant Hughes Coach
Camoly Liburd Coach


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